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Meet the Owner

Heather's Pilates career started back in 2007 when she got certified as a reformer, cadillac and chair instructor through PhysicalMind Institute. Having been a dancer for many years, opening in concert for artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield and Snoop Dogg, she had first hand reality on how Pilates could really strengthen a body, having always incorporated it into her own workout routines.

After teaching for two years in Clearwater FL, expanding her knowledge with various continuing education including pre and post natal courses, she moved to New York City where she quickly became the go to instructor for any high profile clients who came into the studio. At this time, privates were the main resource for those wanting to take Pilates on the equipment. Group classes usually consisted of only 3-4 students due to lack of enough machines for larger classes. In 2011, Heather's boss at the time started a new workout craze using the Pilates chair and bungees from the ceiling to provide resistance. This workout spread around NYC with pop ups at NY Fashion Week, the Hamptons and the opening of multiple studios. Being a part of all this opened Heather up to the world of larger group classes using the Pilates equipment and the skill that was involved to be able to instruct a large group of people while also giving individual attention to each and not disrupting the flow of the class. After mastering it herself, she became a teacher trainer, coaching other instructors on their ability to correct form while using cues that communicated to the whole class and keeping it upbeat and fun.

Heather has enjoyed teaching everything from privates to large group classes in NYC, the Hamptons, LA, Tampa and is now so excited to be opening her own group reformer studio back in her hometown of Clearwater FL!

More Instructors Coming Soon!

“In my thirty years of experiences in the Pilates world, I have never come across someone as talented, and professional as Heather. She is that rare mix of knowledge, integrity and patience.
Heather worked for me for two years and quickly became my most popular teacher to date. She can quickly transform herself from a one on one trainer to an enthusiastic, uplifting group instructor.
I was very lucky to be the recipient of Heather’s talent."

Lauren Piskin

 Owner of Physical Mind Studio and Chaise Fitness NYC

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