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We offer classes from beginner to advanced, with 3 different level types: Beginner/ Foundation (for newbies or those wanting more guidance), Intermediate (for those who have grasped the basics and are ready to take it up a notch) and Advanced (more advanced exercises).

All classes are 50 mins

Free Intro Class- Your free intro class can be scheduled into any class you'd like, however if you’ve never done Pilates on the reformer before, we recommend signing up for a Beginner/Foundation class. If you’re already familiar with the reformer, you can sign up for any Beginner/Foundation or Intermediate/General class. *Instructor approval is required for Advanced classes.

Please bring a pair of grip socks with you. If you don't have a pair, we do sell them at the studio.

Full Body - Beginner/ Foundation

This full-body class is ideal for beginners to the reformer as well as those wanting to focus more on the basics. Our beginner class focuses on alignment, which modifications you can do whether you need it easier or harder, adjustments that can be made to the resistance of the reformer etc. The idea is to educate you, along with providing a killer workout, so that you know how to modify any class to your needs to get the best workout possible.

*If it is your first time doing Pilates on the reformer, we recommended you start with beginner classes until you and the instructor feel you’re ready for the intermediate class.

Full Body- Intermediate

This is a full-body conditioning class. Get ready to strengthen and lengthen your muscles through a challenging series of exercises that incorporate functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone, firm and balance your body, improve posture and prevent injury, while giving you the burn you know and love from the Reformer!

Ideal for those who have grasped the basics and are ready to take it up a notch!

Full Body - Advanced

While there’s plenty of exercises that can be modified to be easier or harder, there are some classics that are just plain hard. For that we have the advanced classes. This class is for the Pilates enthusiast who would like to challenge themselves and take their workouts to the next level.

*Instructor approval is required for all advanced classes

Cardio Jump - Intermediate/ General

This cardio based Reformer class is designed to make you sweat using the jumpboard as the primary prop. Set to uplifting music, this class consists of traditional Pilates exercises with intermittent sections of jumpboard to get and keep the heart rate up.

*It is recommended to have done some Full Body Beginner classes first prior to taking this class.

HIIT Pilates- Intermediate/ General

HIIT is short for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a training method alternating short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods until the point of exhaustion. Why? Because this method of training ensures you burn the maximum amount of calories in your workout, and then continue to burn calories as your body recovers.

This class combines some high-intensity intervals with controlled, composed reformer exercises. The aim is to increase the heart rate, engage your core on all levels, and challenge every major muscle group.

If weight loss is a goal of yours we highly recommend adding this class type to your weekly routine along with the Full Body classes.

*It is recommended to have done some Full Body Beginner classes first prior to taking this class.

Stretch/ Restore - All levels

Unwind and align your body. This restorative class is ideal for anyone looking to increase their range of motion, relieve muscle tension and just feel good!


Strengthen and tone your body with classic reformer exercises for the first 20 minutes of class, then finish your workout with 30 whole minutes of therapeutic and elongating stretches that not only improve flexibility, but also help to prevent injury, relieve stress and improve your posture.

*Stretch/ Restore classes held in the evenings will also incorporate low calming music and will be candlelit.

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